March 30, 2010

March 28, 2010

Pure & Sea

My fantasies end & begin with you,
there's no holding back,
and I don't want to let go.
It feels so pure & I let all my feelings go.
I cannot stop & I won't forget,
I was so sure of this,
lets take one more step.
Perhaps you've chosen to ignore this,
withholding your heart.
Even though I know it could be,
pure bliss.
Let's take a chance & run free,
I don't want to be alone.
In all of this I hope,
I hope you see me.

words by p.
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March 26, 2010


I am going to see these two lovely people play next thursday..
I'm excited like you wouldn't believe.
I bought their new album last week
it is marvellous !

if you can, you need to listen to these :
Yellow brick road
Hold on
both off the new album.

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a love story, but you weren't involved

I just need one more moment,
I didn't know I was so imaptient.
Please see me,
in the proper way believe me.
I just need one more conversation,
just even one sentence will do..

'she's clever..less'

- Soko, I'll kill her

words up top by p.
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March 22, 2010

times two


There's something about your brief words,
you allow me to be somewhere else.
I drift to another place,
while your around.
I'm falling in deep, I can feel it.
It feels like last week when we met,
God's just decided that I can live..



Let's fall in love,
let's make new memories never to forget.
Maybe we'll trade secrets,
and get lost along the way.
Let's make a new day,
and start at the very beginning.
Let's sparkle and make everyone jealous.
Maybe we won't change,
Let's not get too serious.
Let's fall in love,
and choose never to regret.


words by p.
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March 18, 2010

I'm the start

I'm scared i'll find an answer I don't want to hear.
I can already see the end,
before the start.
I don't want to leave this place,
I wish we didn't part.

I'm all alone & you've forgotten what I look like.
I can no longer sit on the train,
and not think of you.

I want to know all about you,
and everything you like.
I'd like to hold your hand,
and watch you sleep at night.

I'm scared you won't find your heart,
and I'll be standing alone.
I need you to feel my heart,
because this is where we start.


words by P.
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March 15, 2010

Today i'll give you two


Tonight is far not too long enough,
It doesn't cut the script,
and it doesn't fit.
I'll hang my coat & make some tea.
I'll watch the paint dry,
and feel the tears dry upon my face.
Tommorow will never be a new day
and i'll never come up with the words to say.
There is no problem to fix,
nothing to nail.
Tonight was never faraway,
I just got lost somewhere along the way.




There's a will & a bike
Let's ride into the sunset,
sometimes I always feel like the smartest,
I hope your proud.
I hope you know your my bestest,
even when it's hard,
and I can see all the gaps,
let's hope your there to fill in.
Take my hand,
and lead me to the light.
Try to understand,
learn please to listen.
Let's never leave eachother's sight,
sort that fight.
Forget the bikes,
your the one I like. 

words by p.
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March 12, 2010

March 10, 2010


If I could take a trip,
It would be anywhere near you.
If I could be  the world,
you'd be my gravity.
You pull me under,
with my rose coloured glasses,
you pull me under,
no matter.
It was from the start,
You're becoming my something else.
You're becoming my one & only,
you are my one & only.

words by p.
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