May 27, 2011

oh how I love thee ...

I cannot imagine my life without the music made by Angus & Julia Stone .. their music is just wonderful
these are just a few beaut pic's I found of the (super cute) duo ..

Have a lovely fun filled weekend

from top pic 1 2 3 4

May 26, 2011

Looking back ...

I've never missed someone this way,
It's fearsome and crazy,
I fear what I'll say

I hope you've realised this is it,
There is no turning back

I love you,
Pure and simply,
There's no need to look back ...


May 25, 2011


for some reason I just enjoy this picture .. hope you do too



May 5, 2011

stress head

abso - lutely, totally, utterly stressed out to the max at the moment ..
uni + overdue bills + work + broken left collarbone = nearly sending me over the edge, into the deep end ..
just need to remember to take a day at a time & budget smart !

hope to be back with better news