February 26, 2010

just once

Just one more time,
I need to see you.
please open the door,
and let me in.
I don't want to lose,
before I began to play.
let me be your hope,
I know I can do it.
just once please let me know,
I need to see you,
to let all my feelings show.

words by p.
images via weheartit

February 24, 2010

February 23, 2010


before I saw you,
I forgot what it was like to smile.
I mean the real smile,
when it floods to your stomache.
I like your ways,
and your cute glasses.
before I met you,
I had forgotten how lonely I was,
and how my heart had faded.
your different to anyone I'd ever met before
and I'm so glad,
I didn't miss that chance.
because before you,
there was no before.

pics via weheartit
words by p.