December 28, 2010

summer days

I have the week off work over the holiday season, so my girlfriends & I have decided to trek up north to welcome the new year. So the weekend will be filled with beers, beach and just being merry in general !

'happy new year' I hope it is the best yet :-)!

all my love


December 25, 2010

merry boxing day

merry christmas, I know it's a little late but I hope everyone is having a wonderful festive time!
It has been lovely relaxing & hanging out with family, especially my lovely cousin!



December 19, 2010

daydreaming days

I just had the most magnificent daydream,
you were there,
and my heart glowed,
my heart you stole.

We skipped along the pavement,
and rode our bikes,
I never sighed,
and you knew why.

You held my hand,
and I never let go,
I melted away,
I told you so.

All I saw were bright colours,
and your face,
these are never forget memories,
and I want to hold them tightly in my hands.

These are daydreaming days ,
and they are locked in my heart,
forever for me to keep,
you are here,
and I know it's right.

My heart glows ,
for you I know,
I know,
It'll always show ...

words by P.
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December 13, 2010


To my lovely sister & her husband on the arrival of their beautiful daughter, I am so happy she finally arrived safe & sound!
Love you both
xx oo

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December 9, 2010

just some words ...

Seamless memories

it hurts so much,
but it's hard not to let it in.
it scolds my heart,
and all the pieces come crashing in.
the memories burn,
and I fight for every minute.
my mind departs to somewhere else,
and my body is left in a forgotten state.
my love is a distant dream,
it is time to unlock every seam.
it no longer makes sense,
and time unravels every memory I keep.
everything feels so long ago,
but it feels like I'll never forget.
it makes me spin on the spot,
all of a sudden I'm lost.
there's not many moments when I don't think of you,
even though it still hurts too much,
I still do ...

November 18, 2010

it's nearly over

I will be finishing my first and last university exam in three hours time, it could not come quicker!
all my uni work has finished for the year, now it's time to get silly.
I only have things to look forward to, Dongara for new years and Melbourne in Jan!
happy summer holidays



November 17, 2010

one of the most beautiful songs:

Silver coin - Angus & Julia stone
I plan to see this live before I die,
have a lovely thursday

November 14, 2010

how very exciting !

One my most favourite singers Lykke Li has just released a new single 'Get some'
Cannot wait until the new album is released, has definitely given my week a great start :-)

to listen to this song please click here


November 10, 2010

It has been ...

a week full of nothing much,
but it's nothing cocktails with girlfriends can't fix tommorow night.
hoo - rah !


November 8, 2010

I should be writing an essay but ...


I would much prefer putting together a post of some things that I like right now,
have a lovely Tuesday

pics - one two three four five six seven eight

just a little sneak peak

Just thought I should write a little post about myself,
I am not sure if anyone reads this blog, but if they do I thought they might like to know a little more about me, so here goes nothing ...

1. I live in a smallish town in Western Australia
2. I am currently half through a degree to become a  primary school teacher & kind of planning to do a post grad in creative studies
3. I enjoy stationery & pretty paper a little too much
4. currently in single town
5. I have a sort of obsession with horses
6. I always wear nail polish
7. I have two sisters & two brothers
8. 18th & 19th century drama's are my guilty pleasure
9. beyond obsessed with Angus Stone
10. never have enough time to draw, paint & craft as much as I would like

Thanks for your time,
hope it gave you some insight ha
over & out


p.s. Above is a photo of my beautiful friend and I, I am on the right :-)

November 7, 2010

clouds of complications

It would be too easy without the complications,
sometimes it's okay without the directions.
it's about right now,
if only I had seen..

Without my constant worries,
and clouds of uncertainties,
I could see through,
and find all the things I never knew..

If I could only take a peak at the ending,
I may not seem so unforgiving, or fear failing..
Soon it will seem bright,
one more time I will,
I will find the light ..

words by P.
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Ingrid Michaelson
when I hear your songs it makes my heart happy,

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November 4, 2010

I can say it, I feel happy

1. nearly made it through the uni semester.. not long now
2. trip to Melbourne booked
3. brand new niece to arrive soon :-)
4. I made it ...  to the other side

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October 15, 2010

my most favourite day

I look forward to this day every week, it is a day I can do anything I please.
It's a day just for me .

pics 1, 2

October 12, 2010

perfect timing

you just have perfect timing, you some how just know without knowing when i'm feeling down and need to chuckle..
You are my life line right now.. and you don't even know it.
Thanks, you will never know how much I enjoy reading your words on the screen..
I hope we write to eachother forever :-)


October 8, 2010

it's funny ..

how life can turn around in one small instance, 
I haven't felt this happy & relieved in sometime.

just a small thank-you to that someone,
it wasn't much, but it was enough


October 7, 2010


John Mayer
especially the song '3x5' at the moment ...



I wish I didn't put all my hopes in one basket and lose faith so easily.. sometimes it's hard to remember what it feels like to rely on one person and know that they will be there... sometimes it's hard to forget how many times this has happened ... sometimes I wish someone was different and met me halfway..

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September 26, 2010

I can almost taste it...

summer is nearly here .... I wish it would hurry !

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September 13, 2010

heading south bound, oh what fun!

A couple of weeks ago a few girlfriends and I headed down south for the weekend. It was a much needed break in my case. We drank beers in the sun, played jenga, ate lots of cheese and laughed ourselves silly. Life is definitely about these moments and it made me realise how much I truly love my friends, they have become my second family in so many ways!

September 9, 2010

Veggo town

I have finally entered veggo town after thinking about it for sometime.
It feels great to make it official and I feel healthier and happier already!
vegetarian, tick!
moving out, soon to be ticked  !
yipeeeeee :)

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September 4, 2010


I just bought series 3 & 4 of 'Skins', it is probably one of the best shows I have ever watched!
I do enjoy drooling over Freddie, he is so hot right now!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend

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August 31, 2010

Bright fields

It was shaky at the start,
but our moments matched.
Inseperable and charming,
I played along.
For a small minute I thought about forever,
the bright fields  and our happy faces.
you burst our bubble, 
and I know it's not your fault.
Sometimes I think your worth the trouble,
but perhaps it's better if I don't...

words by p.
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August 22, 2010

who said material things don't make you happy

I finally got a new car 3 weeks after my old car died and went to heaven. I got the car yesterday and it has made me the happiest I have been in a while, and that's saying something. Who said material things don't make you happy, I think they're lying, I think they do, well for now :) happy sunday, even though it's nearly over!
yours truly,

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August 17, 2010

number plate dorks

I am currently & always disliking the amount of people in my home town who have personalised number plates which state the obvious or say something totally bogan! for example, yesterday whilst driving minding my own business, I saw a black car drive past which had the number plate 'black car' I mean that necessary, total dorks if you ask me.

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August 15, 2010

strange place

have been feeling lately like I have entered into a strange place in my life..
it feels like nothing I have enocuntered before.
I never thought I could have so many doubts,
perhaps this is what a quarter life crisis feels like.
Even though people are nice when I speak about this 'you'll be fine, your time will come, blah blah'
I can't help but think.. 'yeah, your just saying that cause your not wearing my cheap $30.00 boots, you can escape and I bet you don't feel like your dragging a ball & chain around', well maybe they are and I'm just being totally self involved, sorry I apologise.
I don't even know what I want to escape from,
maybe it's myself..

maybe it's because I have been home alone for two weeks and have been spending an incredible amount of time whinging in my own head about things only I can solve for myself..well there's nothing like a good whinge..
that's it, I'll stop

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August 10, 2010

Care for a taco wallet?

How delightful & delicious at the same time !

pic found here

all I need is...

 .... all of the below, please?

1. jacket - best investment you will ever make, especially when it's black

2. Wedge's - ohh delicious, I cannot get enough of tony bianco I swear he reads my mind

3. floral in general


4. lace up boots - black or brown, hhmmmmmmmm?

if only I didn't have a student budget....

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