November 18, 2010

it's nearly over

I will be finishing my first and last university exam in three hours time, it could not come quicker!
all my uni work has finished for the year, now it's time to get silly.
I only have things to look forward to, Dongara for new years and Melbourne in Jan!
happy summer holidays



November 17, 2010

one of the most beautiful songs:

Silver coin - Angus & Julia stone
I plan to see this live before I die,
have a lovely thursday

November 14, 2010

how very exciting !

One my most favourite singers Lykke Li has just released a new single 'Get some'
Cannot wait until the new album is released, has definitely given my week a great start :-)

to listen to this song please click here


November 10, 2010

It has been ...

a week full of nothing much,
but it's nothing cocktails with girlfriends can't fix tommorow night.
hoo - rah !


November 8, 2010

I should be writing an essay but ...


I would much prefer putting together a post of some things that I like right now,
have a lovely Tuesday

pics - one two three four five six seven eight

just a little sneak peak

Just thought I should write a little post about myself,
I am not sure if anyone reads this blog, but if they do I thought they might like to know a little more about me, so here goes nothing ...

1. I live in a smallish town in Western Australia
2. I am currently half through a degree to become a  primary school teacher & kind of planning to do a post grad in creative studies
3. I enjoy stationery & pretty paper a little too much
4. currently in single town
5. I have a sort of obsession with horses
6. I always wear nail polish
7. I have two sisters & two brothers
8. 18th & 19th century drama's are my guilty pleasure
9. beyond obsessed with Angus Stone
10. never have enough time to draw, paint & craft as much as I would like

Thanks for your time,
hope it gave you some insight ha
over & out


p.s. Above is a photo of my beautiful friend and I, I am on the right :-)

November 7, 2010

clouds of complications

It would be too easy without the complications,
sometimes it's okay without the directions.
it's about right now,
if only I had seen..

Without my constant worries,
and clouds of uncertainties,
I could see through,
and find all the things I never knew..

If I could only take a peak at the ending,
I may not seem so unforgiving, or fear failing..
Soon it will seem bright,
one more time I will,
I will find the light ..

words by P.
pic found here


Ingrid Michaelson
when I hear your songs it makes my heart happy,

pic found here

November 4, 2010

I can say it, I feel happy

1. nearly made it through the uni semester.. not long now
2. trip to Melbourne booked
3. brand new niece to arrive soon :-)
4. I made it ...  to the other side

pic found here