December 28, 2010

summer days

I have the week off work over the holiday season, so my girlfriends & I have decided to trek up north to welcome the new year. So the weekend will be filled with beers, beach and just being merry in general !

'happy new year' I hope it is the best yet :-)!

all my love


December 25, 2010

merry boxing day

merry christmas, I know it's a little late but I hope everyone is having a wonderful festive time!
It has been lovely relaxing & hanging out with family, especially my lovely cousin!



December 19, 2010

daydreaming days

I just had the most magnificent daydream,
you were there,
and my heart glowed,
my heart you stole.

We skipped along the pavement,
and rode our bikes,
I never sighed,
and you knew why.

You held my hand,
and I never let go,
I melted away,
I told you so.

All I saw were bright colours,
and your face,
these are never forget memories,
and I want to hold them tightly in my hands.

These are daydreaming days ,
and they are locked in my heart,
forever for me to keep,
you are here,
and I know it's right.

My heart glows ,
for you I know,
I know,
It'll always show ...

words by P.
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December 13, 2010


To my lovely sister & her husband on the arrival of their beautiful daughter, I am so happy she finally arrived safe & sound!
Love you both
xx oo

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December 9, 2010

just some words ...

Seamless memories

it hurts so much,
but it's hard not to let it in.
it scolds my heart,
and all the pieces come crashing in.
the memories burn,
and I fight for every minute.
my mind departs to somewhere else,
and my body is left in a forgotten state.
my love is a distant dream,
it is time to unlock every seam.
it no longer makes sense,
and time unravels every memory I keep.
everything feels so long ago,
but it feels like I'll never forget.
it makes me spin on the spot,
all of a sudden I'm lost.
there's not many moments when I don't think of you,
even though it still hurts too much,
I still do ...