September 19, 2011

jewellery lust ...

this is the type of jewellery I dream about ...
I found these wonderful pieces at  Stuart & Wright  and Mociun
Have a look ... it is definitely drool worthy!

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September 15, 2011

my kinda DIY

I found this lovely nail art idea over at the beauty department which is a regular blog I read, it is filled with tutorials & handy helpful beauty tips (especially for the not so talented people like me!)

Below was my take on the idea, it was relatively easy, although with this colour combo  I do feel a little like Lady Gaga!

pic at top

September 11, 2011

sometimes I wonder ....

whether I'll become a good (actually, awesome) primary school teacher ..
shouldn't put so much pressure on myself .. I graduate next year

But I can't help it ..

pic 1

September 8, 2011

September 6, 2011

not too shabby ..

these past few days have included:
suprise parties - essay writing - girl gossiping - sleep ins - late night reading - lovely spring weather - cupcake baking - home ware browsing - day dreaming - paper crafting - instagramming

all in all ... not so bad
what have you been up to?

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