July 23, 2011

you are my hero Hayao Miyazaki

you truly are an inspiration ...

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seamlessly weave ...

i'll weave a story,
that isn't really true,
but it makes me feel closer to you.

the more I imagine,
the happier I feel,
then I realise it's never really real.

I wish I could walk amongst my daydreams,
and seamlessly forget all my troubles,
I am so happy in there,
or  so it seems ...

words by p.

July 15, 2011

winter treats

there is nothing better than lovely, cosy, sackish, warm knit wear during the colder months of the year ..
I have found myself gagging in shops for sacky knitted sweaters with more holes in them than a colander, but they are just so lovely , I must have them all !

happy winter :-)

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