August 31, 2011

my love ..

I love that I know all your secret details ..
and that there is no one else who knows like I do ...

my love always ..

my original photo's from 2008

August 27, 2011

the simple things ..

this weekend has just been lovely & about the simple things ...

beers//friends//Caribbean disco//fruit smoothies//pickles//walks downtown//lovely latte's//sunshine//mother daughter time//Polaroids// best friend gossip sessions//movie date//vegie big breakfast ..

what more could one ask for?

all photo's taken via my iphone

August 23, 2011

my new favourite

whilst wondering upon blogs for some much needed inspiration for a side project I am doing .. I came across a  lovely stationary shop named present & correct  .. it is my new favourite ... I never never ever get sick of looking & pining over stationary ... one of these days I'll make some of my own properly !

all images can be found here

August 3, 2011

red earth

everywhere I look lately I see a sea of red earthy colours,
oranges, maroons browns, red and everything in between ..
just so lovely ...
these are bits of inspiration I found ...

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