July 19, 2010

this is for you..

to my dear & lovely cousin Kirbs.

you truly are a treasure,
I love that you are my cousin, but feel like my sister & best friend in one,
I love that we laugh at the same things, that no one else finds funny,
I love that we have similar traits, like the way we put on a silly voice when talking to pets.
I love the way I feel like you tell me things no one else knows.
I love the fact that no matter the time we spend apart we never change.
I love that you are a special & normal part of my dysfunctional family.
I love every minute of memories we have together.
I love that we both dream about  moving to coral bay to sell ice-creams & lollies at the the local deli
I love you Kirbs.
sorry to be so soppy, it can't be helped

Love from 'the best cousin in the world'

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July 9, 2010

See me

I just want someone who see's me,
and see's what I see.
I don't mind who you are,
just find me.
Whoever you are,
you must like the way I laugh,
and be my perfect missing half.
I'm losing patience,
and I'm starting to talk nonsense.
Where ever you are,
I need you to care.
I just want someone to day dream about,
to sit alone and to say your name out loud.
I just would like someone,
just for me.
That one person, that only,
see's me...

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words by p.

July 2, 2010


Diablo Cody,
you are truly awesome for giving us the gift of Juno & United States of Tara.
Love from P.

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